The NCF has launched the “HOPE” project which aims to provide in-kind donations to vulnerable groups such as orphans and families in need, and so to support them in their efforts to strengthen their faith, health and education.

Within this line, NCF is teaming up with church-based organizations to locate needy families. The NCF volunteers are the dynamo behind this project, as they are the ones performing needs assessment visits and identifying urgent needs through several visits. Thanks to the NCF volunteers this new project has been able to support a big number of families from the poorest of the poor.

NCF Christmas Activities - Christmas Mission 2018

For the ninth consecutive year, volunteers from The Naji Cherfan Foundation toured selective hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes in Beirut and Mount Lebanon during the month of December with one important mission—to celebrate the birth of Jesus with those unable to celebrate at home.

Orphans, elderly, patients and their families, nurses and doctors and medical care teams working during Christmas had the chance to celebrate with cheers, prayers and joy!
The Naji Cherfan Foundation teamed up with Father Roger Cherfan from Parish of Beirut, Father
Elie Khalil, and Sister Virginie.

All the places we visited were filled with Christmas caroling, prayers and hope! During the visits, prayers, chocolates, sweets and gifts were distributed to every person celebrating Jesus’ birth.
“Listening to their stories is a relief to them.” said Father Roger.
“It is in giving that I knew real happiness.” said Rita Abou Jaoude from The Naji Cherfan Foundation team.
“It is an amazing feeling, it is the first time I get into such experience.” Said Christelle a volunteer university student.