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1- Secure all seat belts and ensure children are correctly restrained.
2- Abide by limits and only overtake if it’s totally safe.
3- Just say no to alcohol and drugs if driving.
4- Don’t answer the phone until it is safe to do so.
5- Adjust head restraints so the top is level with the top of your head.
6- Check brakes, tires, lights, mirrors and windows regularly.
7- Calm yourself before driving if stressed, angry or excited.
8- Look out for people on bikes, and walkers.
9- Wear glasses or lenses if you need them.
10- Take breaks every two hours on long journeys.
11- Leave ‘crisis’ braking space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
12- If it’s night, bright or bad weather, slow down.

Kunhadi is a non-governmental organization founded after the passing away of the beloved Hadi as the result of a car accident. Kunhadi’s mission is to introduce a new driving culture among youth to keep them safe on Lebanese roads. Their goal is to reach a better community understanding of road safety issues, and to find solutions for underlying problems and factors leading to road deaths and injuries. For more information, please visit Kunhadi’s website at


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