“Life is not only 70 years, life is life, even after the death of the body.”
(Message from the President: Georges C. Cherfan – Owner & Founder)

The NCF was established to honor God, promote Christian values and support brain injured young patients.

Naji was born from Lebanese-Canadian parents, on November 20th, 1978 in Amman, Jordan. Soon after he was born, the family moved and settled in Greece. Naji studied E-Business and Multimedia, he spoke six languages, and was in charge of Public Relations & Administration within the family business.

At the age of seventeen, Naji suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a motorbike accident. The driver of the motorbike, Naji’s friend, was killed instantly. Naji was in a coma for two months, and when he woke up, he was unable to move, speak or see.

For nearly eleven years, Naji traveled to therapy centers in Arizona, Texas, Florida, London, Germany, Canada and Greece. His rehabilitation period was a journey of courage, faith, and determination.

By writing and publishing these books, Naji wanted to relay a message of hope to all those suffering from a disability, especially brain injury. “We Are All Born To Shine”! This was the message Naji wanted to communicate to patients, families, and therapists affected by brain injuries. He encourages those suffering from an illness or disability to be proactive and change their destiny by believing in themselves and going beyond what they are told they can do.

Naji’s books have been translated into more than six languages and will be available through the Naji Cherfan Foundation Web site soon. Naji also developed a personal website: www.virtualpatience.com. Please visit to learn more details about his journey, books, and interviews.

Naji Cherfan passed away on July 31, 2008 due to an epileptic attack that caused heart failure while he was sleeping. His absence has left a huge void in the lives of his family and friends, and the Naji Cherfan Foundation is the fruit of their effort to honor his memory.

The Foundation’s core values are based on Naji’s life priorities of Christian faith, improving health and strengthening education.

Mission and objectives

  • The Naji Cherfan Foundation’s main objective is to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and adults, and especially those affected by brain injuries, by promoting Christian values. To support people affected by brain injuries and raise awareness among patients, families and therapists regarding the potential of recovery as a result of perseverance, support, encouragement and strong faith in God. To support orphans, youth groups, and the population at large by providing health and education services, while spreading the word of God.