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Planting Trees to Save the Planet Each day we read articles and hear news reports about global warming and how the Earth is changing. We are told something needs to be done on a global scale. Until worldwide governments unite in action, we can do our share as individuals and contribute to the efforts to save our planet.

Planting a tree is one simple task every adult and child can accomplish to help our suffering planet. Here is how one tree can make a difference! Trees generate a wealth of oxygen and release it into the atmosphere. To better grasp the large quantity of oxygen a tree generates, consider this basic conversion of oxygen to currency.

In a lifetime, one tree generates $31,250 US dollars worth of oxygen. While that seems like a tremendous number, it is far from the sole contribution of a tree. Trees clean the air we breathe by absorbing air pollution. It is amazing to think that in a lifetime, a single tree provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control. Trees recycle water. They absorb water and use it again and again. Using the dollar value comparison, one tree recycles $37,500 worth of water in it is lifespan.

Soil is part of a similar process. A tree’s roots hold the earth together and prevent soil erosion. The dollar conversion value of this is staggering. In a lifetime, one tree controls $31,250 of soil erosion. The bottom line calculation demonstrates one tree contributes $162,000 in positive, measurable actions for our planet. This large sum does not entirely reflect the contribution of one tree. Each tree provides shade.

They protect and house countless animals that impact Mother Nature’s grand plans. And perhaps most importantly, the beauty and majesty of the tree is immeasurable. The pure beauty of the tree, in addition to this list of contributions, make it a priceless object available for everyone to enjoy! What are we waiting for? Based on these monetary values, if everyone planted a single tree today, it would convert into billions of dollars toward saving our environment and our planet.

Planting a tree is simple and thecost is minimal. It takes just 10 minutes to plant yet reaps a lifetime of rewards. There are other alternatives for those who would rather not get dirt under their fingernails. There are online services that offer tree planting in return for monetary donations. Another solution, which is completely free, is using online search engines that use advertising revenue to plant trees. A great example is MyGood-

Source: Tomer Treves,

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