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Seeds & Faith RE AD: Galatians 6: 7-10 Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. —Galatians 6:7 I read a fable about a man who was browsing in a store when he made the shocking discovery that God was behind a sales counter. So the man walked over and asked, “What are You selling?” God replied, “What does your heart desire?” The man said, “I want happiness, peace of mind, and freedom from fear . . . for me and the whole world.” God smiled and said, “I don’t sell fruit here.

Only seeds.” In Galatians 6, Paul stressed the importance of sowing seeds of Godhonouring behaviour, for “whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (v.7). We can’t expect to experience the fruit of God’s blessings if we don’t recognize the importance of doing our part. It helps to follow the example of others who have sown good seeds. Author Samuel Shoemaker said that a good example can either inspire us or cause us to say, “Oh yes, he (or she) is like that.

He is not troubled by temper or nerves or impatience or worry as I am; he is just a happier temperament”. Shoemaker continued, “It may not occur to us that perhaps he had to fight for his serenity, and that we might win if we would do the same”. Are you weary of the way you are? Ask God for His help and begin sowing seeds of new actions and responses today. In due season the Spirit will give the increase. The seeds we sow today determine the kind of fruit we’ll reap tomorrow.

Source: Joanie Yoder, Our Daily Bread,

Source: Marvin Williams,

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