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Breakfast May 17th 2019 Report

Life is precious… keep your loved ones safe.

For the 4th year, The Naji Cherfan Foundation organized a fundraising breakfast.
This year the title was “Marathon of Road Safety”.
It took place at the Ruby Ballroom- Le Royal Hotel on Friday May 17th 2019 at 10:00a.m.
115 persons were there to support our cause.

Colonel Joseph Mousallem from the general directorate of Internal Security, Mr. Alexy Nehmeh from the Lebanese Red Cross, Ambassador Dr. Gaby Soufan, Mr. Georges Metni from the Adel Metni Foundation, presidents of municipalities and many other VIP persons were there.

A booklet of 28 pages was prepared, containing articles about “Road Safety Awareness” to enlight on the problems as well as the solutions.

The program was as follow:

  • Lebanese national hymn.
  • Welcome speech from Mrs. Joyce Attieh.
  • A brief speech from Mrs. Rita Abou Jaoude.
  • Mr. George Cherfan Offers a shield of honor to Colonel Joseph Mousallem.
  • A 5mn. Speech from Colonel Mousallem concerning the efforts of the Directorate Internal Security.
  • A prayer from Joseph Abdel Sater to bless the food.
  • After the attendees started eating, the President of Jal El Dib made a 5mn. Speech about the road safety problems in Jal El Dib.
  • A 3mn. speech from The Lebanese Red Cross representer Mr. Alexy Nehmeh.
  • A 3mn. Speech with Videos from Mr. Georges Metni from Adel Metni Foundation.
  • A 3mn. Ending Speech from Mr. George Cherfan the Founder of the NCF.

Everyone was interested in the subject, because it touches us and our beloved ones. And all the attendees left with hope of a better road safety in Lebanon.

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