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Maintaining inner peace, or “keeping your cool”, should always be a primary goal when a confrontation arises. In certain situations, it may become difficult to control your anger.

If you lose your temper or are drawn into a confrontation, you may experience a physical change in your body. Endorphins will begin to pump though your system, your hands may begin to shake, and you might feel your heart pound.

But after the argument is over, what then? Not many people have the self-control and inner awareness to harness the endorphins, calm the hands and heart, and re-assemble the “cool” that was shattered during the heated conversation.

Following are some ideas that can help reset to a calmer frame of mind:

Take a Walk

Leaving the situation to take a brief walk can give you space to think about the situation.

Light a Candle

Vanilla essence is calming and soothing. Lavender encourages peace and relaxation. A fragranced candle is a form of aromatherapy and facilitates the process of destressing.

Vent Briefly

Retelling the story a few times can be cathartic, but try not to repeat it over and over. The emotion will surface again and your system will move back into a state of stress.

Shoulder Rolls

Most people hold tension in the upper shoulders and neck. If you feel tension, notice your shoulders. Are they hunched in and are the muscles contracting? Rolling your shoulders provides a posture adjustment and helps calm the breathing.

Keep an Open Mind

An argument is only a difference of opinion. It does not mean that someone is right or wrong. Try to remind yourself to keep an open mind. Try to communicate your thoughts with God’s guidance and with a pure heart to help remain calm during and after an argument.

Take a Deep Breath

Inhale and count to ten. Exhale. Inhale and count to twenty. Exhale. Continue until you feel a sense of calm return.

Choose Your Battles

Wisely Decide if the topic is worth getting upset about. Accept what you cannot change. Understand people can be difficult. Evaluate an argument before it begins.



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