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Since kids are smaller in size than adults, it is easy for a child pedestrian to penetrate a driver’s blind spot. Furthermore, children have not developed the opportunity to judge the velocity-to-distance ratio properly.

Thus, the parents’ or guardian’s role in ensuring a youngster pedestrian’s safety cannot be overstated.

– Do not allow your kids to learn in heavily trafficked areas, and watch your sons or daughters as they play at all times.
– When walking with your child, lead by example.
– Explain road signs, crosswalks and other pedestrian tools, and offer relevant tips.
– When you are crossing the road with your child, be sure to not only to look both ways yourself, but to convey the message of “look both ways before crossing” out loud and this will allow your child to start to master the essential rules of road safety.
– Teach your child that because he or she can see the driver, this doesn’t mean that the driver sees him or her.
– Also, teach them the meaning of the blind spot and how to avoid being in that range.
– Parked cars, mailboxes and other obstructions can block a driver’s view.

Make sure your child understands these obstacles and takes extra precautions when such risk factors exist. Hold your child’s hand while crossing the road. While it is advisable to teach your kids the principles in case they have to do it without your presence, parental protection while walking in busy areas continues to be vital.

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