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There are four major rights that consumers should be aware of while purchasing a product or buying a service.

Do you know that you have rights as a consumer? Moreover, do you know that manufacturers or providers should comply with these rights?

We shall be allocating an article about “consumer rights” in every future issue of “People Are Born To Shine” newsletter to shed more light about the violations happening in this field and how it is affecting people’s health and quality of life.

Here are the four basic consumer rights every person should be aware of and even fight for! The right to safety The consumers’ right to safety means that products they purchase must be safe for their intended use, must include thorough and explicit directions for proper use, and must be tested by the manufacturer to ensure product quality and reliability.

Business firms should also be aware that consumers and the government have been winning an increasing number of product-liability lawsuits against sellers of defective products. Yet another major reason for improving product safety is the consumer’s demand for safe products.

People will simply stop buying a product they believe is unsafe or unreliable. The right to be informed The right to be informed means that consumers must have access to complete information about a product before they buy it. Detailed information about ingredients and nutrition must be provided on food containers, information about fabrics, laundering methods must be attached to clothing, and lenders must disclose the true cost of borrowing the money they make available to costumers who purchase merchandise on credit. In addition, manufacturers must inform consumers about the potential dangers of using their products.

The right to choose The right to choose means that consumers have a choice of products, offered by different manufacturers and sellers, to satisfy a particular need. Competition and the resulting freedom of choice provide additional benefits for costumers by reducing prices. The right to be heard The fourth right means that someone will listen and take appropriate action when costumers complain.

Today, businesses are listening even more attentively and many larger firms have consumer relations departments that can be easily contacted via toll-free phone numbers. Actually, one of the services every consumer today expects to receive from the companies he or she selects to purchase things from is consumer support.


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