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DO get tested. unless osteoporosis is suspected, doctors rarely order this test. Everyone should get tested, especially those with a family history of cancer

DON’T assume your diet gives you enough

Foods such as fish, eggs, some cheeses, and liver containing vitamin D are generally not enough to cover your daily needs. You’d have to eat 95 eggs to come close! Keep in mind, not all foods claiming to contain vitamin D actually do! DO get some safe sun exposure

General recommendations are ten to 15 minutes of sun exposure on arms and legs every day.

DO take a supplement

2,000 IU daily for adults and 1,000 IU for kids is the safe dosage generally recommended by physicians.

• If you live in a country where the sun doesn’t always shine, your body can’t produce enough vitamin D.

• You over-apply sunscreen which will completely block helpful UV-B rays.

• You have a dark skin which means you absorb less sunshine due to elevated amounts of melanin.

• You rely on a multi-vitamin for your daily dose of D Multi-vitamins do not contain enough D to satisfy your daily needs.

• You are obese. Vitamin D is stored in fat, and people who have a greater amount of fat tend to have less D circulating in their blood for use throughout the body. In general, the higher your BMI, the lower your D levels.



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